Membership Policies

Studio One Members accept responsibility for the following:

  • When using the changing rooms, the lockers, and any equipment at Studio One, I am doing so entirely at my own risk and Studio One cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage or injury.
  • Studio One Yearly Paid Monthly membership dues will be deducted from my account on the 1st of every month unless another date is arranged with management.
  • Membership Cancellation
    • Paid in Full memberships. Studio One does not offer refunds on paid in full annual memberships
    • Yearly paid monthly (YPM) memberships – Cancellation of this membership requires a $150 cancellation fee and a membership difference fee. To cancel your Corporate YPM membership a remittance of the $ difference between the discounted monthly fee from the non-commitment regular times the number of months used.
    • Cancellation Fee Waiver – Yearly Paid Monthly cancellation fee will be waived if and only if the Studio One member is relocating off island on a permanent basis.
    • Membership Hold – Studio One will place any membership on hold for a minimum and maximum period of 21 days. This may be done twice in one year.
      • Any membership can be placed on hold for any length of time due to sickness or injury. A doctor’s certificate is required for this hold.
    • Lockers – Studio One does not offer refunds on locker rentals.